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We Need a New Party

If the Republicans and Democrats were waiters, we’d send our food back for lousy service; instead we swallow hard because they’re all we’ve got — and let them dictate the amount of our tip!  We need a new party because the current parties play to what separates us, and encourage us to define our interests narrowly.  Faced with ideologies without heart or mind, the country is in danger of losing its soul.  We need a new party to generate realistic solutions and recapture a sense of national identity and pride.  We should call that new party The Buffalo Party…


Liberals Barbeque Too

A strain of purported conservative columnists, pundits and politicians feed their followers a storyline equating liberals with godless, acommunal hedonists, and accuse everyone left of center with perpetuating a Sixties lifestyle and philosophy of self-indulgence.

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Venality vs. Haplessness

There are days now that foster empathy for what some Germans must have felt with the impending rise of their Nazi party; we assume it can’t happen here, as we watch it happen.

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The Start of Something Big

Election Day wasn’t the worst night, Election Day was the beginning. With no effective checks and balances, with the control of the uniforms and the guns in the hands of men with authoritarian instincts, when the small hopes for addressing climate change are pillaged by the oil and gas-backed men, when the men on the Supreme Court begin gutting women’s rights, minority rights, voting rights, civil rights, when — the list can go on and on. The threat is real. What will you, what will we, do?